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Express Services

 At Chenmao Intl Logistics,we understand the importance of a fast and efficient courier service and this is why we provide worldwide and local tailor-made logistics solutions for you and your business. We have tailor-made door-to-door delivery as we know this is usually the most convenient for customers.

Some persons underestimate the delivering to customers directly can be difficult, involving multiple steps from organizing the pick to sorting and consolidating shipments, transporting the items and finally delivering where required. By hiring us, we take care of everything involved with this, helping the individuals and companies involved save time, effort and money on the delivery.

A courier service is advantageous as it saves time and effort, also, allowing you deliver to remote locations. In addition, employing our services means your item is delivered safe especially since we take extra care to ensure the safety of the goods being transported. Also, we provide a quote which allows you save on fuel surcharge and other expenses which might be incurred along the way and as long as the shipment meets the requirements of the chosen service, no additional charges will apply.

Express Services

Expedited Delivery: 1-3 days delivery time

Whether your package is large or small, we are committed to providing superb levels of service with a wide range of options for your sensitive delivery requirements.

Standard Delivery: 3-5 days delivery time

Our Standard Delivery solution offers you international postal services at simple and affordable rates to help business customers achieve rapid delivery with incredible efficiency.

Economy Delivery: 7 days+ delivery time

Enjoy this hassle-free option to match your non-urgent transit times. This is the most affordable Courier/Express shipping solution, but also our highest priority service.

Our Official Partners

As an official partner of DHL, UPS, and FedEx in China, we guarantee safe, on-time delivery of your shipments, and offer high-quality service at the most affordable shipping rates.

Additional Services

In collaboration with our team of experts and our service partners, we are confident we can offer a full range of services to fit your needs.

Service include:

  • Packing and Re-packing

  • Pickup and Delivery

  • Labelling Services

  • Real-time Tracking

Services Include:

Door to Door, Door to Airport, Airport to Door, Airport to Airport Services
Air Charter Service
Shipping to Amazon FBA
Import and Export Services
Document Preparation
Freight Consolidation
Warehousing and Distribution
Special Handling (temperature-controlled, high-value, oversized)
Inland Trucking
Customs Clearance

Our Advantages

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If you'd like to learn more about how Chenmao can provide logistic services for your company or if you are ready to start working with us, you can quickly request a quote or directly call us at: Tel: +86-025-85752678 and a representative from Chenmao will get in touch with you to assess your needs.
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