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Air Freight

Jiangsu Chenmao International Logistics Co.,Ltd. is a powerful logistics company that provides quality air services. We provide you with reliable and extensive services, including door-to-airport freight services, door-to-door freight services and airport to airport freight services. Air freight is the way in which goods are transported to their destinations in a short time. We ensure that the goods shipped by us are carefully handled to ensure full your satisfaction, safety and delivery on time. We are the perfect choice for all your transportation solutions.

With years of experience in China’s air export, we have established a good relationship not only with China’s airlines, but also with international airlines around the world, providing a comprehensive and efficient air transport logistics. When customers need fast shipping, we provide air services solutions for more than 210 countries and regions, and you can be assured to use the best service at the most reasonable price. We need to find not only the most timely international flight routes available, but also the various restrictions required to ensure the maximum efficiency of the service.

Economical Air Freight

For your more relaxed and time-extended cargo requirements, we have a dedicated affordable economy option.    

Transit time 7+ business days

More flexible delivery times

Maximum savings

Standard Air Freight

We provide a premium service to fulfill your requirements for rapid, time-efficient deliveries.    

Transit time 3 to 5 business days

Affordable rates

On-time delivery

Urgent Air Freight

Regardless of the size or frequency of your cargo, we will meet all your urgent and time-critical cargo requirements.    

Transit time 1 to 3 business days

For urgent shipments

On-time delivery

Services Include:

Door to Door, Door to Airport, Airport to Door, Airport to Airport Services
Air Charter Service
Shipping to Amazon FBA
Import and Export Services
Document Preparation
Freight Consolidation
Warehousing and Distribution
Special Handling (temperature-controlled, high-value, oversized)
Inland Trucking
Customs Clearance

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We can do all over the world customs clearance delivery services, professional team to provide you with security!
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